Related Factors of Large Ball Mill Price

2015-10-12 Xinhai Views (1291)

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Large ball mill now has become a new bestowed favor in grinding area, and foreign application of large ball mill is earlier, but after nearly 20 years development in our country, large ball mill has been applied in the domestic new large concentrators. For example, when it talks to China First Heavy Industry and China National Heavy Machinery Corporation, the diameters of grid ball mill of the two companies reach 5.2m and 4m, and the lengths are 6.4m and 6.7m. For their overflow ball mill, the diameters are 5.03m and 5m, and the lengths are 8.0m and 8.53m. Now ball mill consists of dozens of specifications and the degrees of automatic control of mill has been increased. In spite of this, domestic ball mill still has a certain gap with a foreign advanced level on the specification and automatic control, etc.

Related Factors of Large Ball Mill Price

Ball mill is composed of shell, liner, feeder, discharge, trunnion, bearing, drive device and lubricating device, and there are different specifications of grinding medium in the shell. Overflow type ball mill’s structure and grid ball mill are basically the same, but there is no discharging grid plate in the shell. Furthermore, in the inner surface of the trunnion equipped with an anti-helical blade which will put small steel balls and rough block back into the ball mill. Generally, there are two series of large ball mill in the mineral processing plant, and one is of being at the spare time in repair and one is of being at uninterrupted work.Large ball mill has advantages like good control, large processing capacity, a high unit volume which greatly reduce the cost of grinding. Xinhai Large ball mill has complete types, favorable price, rich experience in installation and commissioning, which will be your best choice.



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