Wet Energy-saving Overflow Ball Mills

2015-10-19 Xinhai Views (1350)

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Overflow ball mills are one of the most widely-used ball mills, usually used for the fine grinding operation. They are also cheaper than other kinds of ball mills. Xinhai is a leader in its wet energy-saving overflow ball mills even around the world. Now, taking Xinhai product as an example, we will give you a brief introduction about wet energy-saving overflow ball mills.

Wet energy overflow ball mills working principle is that in a power-on state, the rotary pinion will drive the gear wheel in the feeding end of the mill's shell to revolve thus making the whole mill rotate with a certain speed. Materials for grinding are fed into the mill's shell via the feeding device in the feeding end, after which they are crushed heavily for being constantly impacted and ground by the steel balls and ores inside. As feeding is gonging on continuously, the ores in the shell keep moving to the discharging end. Meanwhile, because the diameter of the neck of the hollow shaft in discharging end is longer than that in feeding end, the ore particles meeting the targeted particle sizes will overflow outside from discharging end. There exists a helical shaft with an opposite rotary direction to the mill in discharging end of wet overflow ball mills. Those ore particles missing the required standard and steel balls will settle onto the helical shaft and then be transmitted back to the shell along with the shaft.

Why Xinhai’s wet energy-saving overflow ball mills are able to save energy consumption?

a, Xinhai wet energy overflow ball mills shells are designed with an appropriate diameter-length ratio, which can ensure grinding work meeting the required target as well as send out the ores timely, shortening the time ores remain in the shell and preventing them from being over the ground. As a consequence, such overflow ball mills can work at higher productivity but with less energy consumption, saving cost.

b, Xinhai has adopted large double self-aligning roller bearings instead of sliding bearings for its wet overflow ball mills driving mechanism, highly reducing the friction force. This design makes it easy for the mill to rotate and reduces electric consumption on friction, thus able to hugely lower the whole energy consumption by about 20% to 30%.

c, Xinhai can use corrugated linings as its wet overflow ball mills Lining board configuration. Corrugated linings are conducive to lifting ores and steel balls and meanwhile strengthening impact force, so it can decrease the energy consumption widely.

The practice has proved that wet energy-saving overflow ball mills can save energy consumption and reduce grinding costs. That is the reason why so many customers at home and abroad choose Xinhai wet energy-saving overflow ball mills and gives roaring reputations to Xinhai.



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