Operation Principle of Cone Ball Mill

2015-10-22 Xinhai Views (1459)

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Cone ball mill is a common ball mill of mining processing. This ball mill changes former structure of ball mill, and it enables the integration of body and chassis. About the installation, it can only use once to plate on the plane. Besides, it uses spindle double row spherical roller bearings to replace the conventional sliding bearings. After the transform, it can save energy about 30%, improve fineness, and increase processing capacity about 15%. The following Xinhai Mining production Cone Ball Mill as an example.

As shown above, just like common ball mills, the main component of cone ball mill is a cylinder with the diameter and length to a reasonable proportion. Rotated through transmission machinery, the material goes into from the feed end of a cylinder. Because of the impact of steel balls and itself, the material can be crushed. Due to the pressure of the continuous feeding to force the material go toward the exhaust end, finally, it will discharge from the exhaust end of the ball mill, and then complete the grinding process. On the other hand, cone ball mill has its own characteristics in the structure. The material exhaust end is a tapered design, this design can increase the volume, and it can grade the material and steel balls in vertebral. The closer to the exhaust end, the smaller diameter of steel balls, which can grind material over and over and improve product fineness. Cone ball mill according to its discharge cone can be divided into cone grid ball mill and cone overflow ball mill. The picture of the cone grid ball mill is produced by Xinhai Mining Group. Just like common grid ball mill, it has grid plate in the exhaust end, the fineness material of specified product will go into the fan chamber through the exhaust port of grid plate, the material will be upgraded at a certain height in the fan chamber and go into the hollow neck of exhaust end, and then complete the crushing process. Like other types of ball mill, the structure of cone ball mill is constantly optimized, such as the bearing, liner and control system, in order to achieve low power consumption, low wear and be stable.



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