Ball Mill Rubber Liners—Choosing Xinhai Preferentially

2015-10-28 Xinhai Views (1241)

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High manganese steel and other alloy liners are the mainstream of ball mill liners today, and ball mill rubber liners are the development trend of ball mill liners. Ball mill rubber liners have advantages like wear-resistant, corrosion resistant, low energy consumption, low steel consumption, etc. the problem of high-temperature resistance is being solved. At present, the resistance to temperature of some ball mill rubber liners can reach 1000℃???/p>

Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a renowned international big company at home and abroad, so far it has enjoyed 88patents, is China earliest provider of mine design, research, facility manufacture, installation, commissioning, worker training, etc. it has completed nearly five hundred EPC projects. The company consists of the most elite talent team and have a first-class manufacturing technology. The huge talent advantage prompts Xinhai to know everything of a mineral processing plant and does good to the production and manufacturing of ball mill rubber liners.

Ball mill rubber liners of Xinhai contains the feeding liners, discharging liners, shell liners, etc. Xinhai designs the shape of ball mill rubber liners in the most scientific way; uses the most wear-resistant material to make ball mill liners; solves customer’s problems as fast as they can.

Xinhai ball mill rubber liners are applied in China, like Hebei province, Shandong province, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, etc.; in Africa like Algeria, Libya, Zambia and other countries; in South Africa and other regions. Engineering practice shows that using Xinhai ball mill rubber liners can reduce grinding energy consumption by six percent or so and reduce steel consumption by eight percent, greatly reducing grinding cost. At the same time, keeping the grinding fineness constant, the service life of ball mill rubber liners can up to three to four years.

Xinhai ball mill rubber liners are the right choice.



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