High Intensity Flotation Machine Stator

2015-11-05 Xinhai Views (1205)

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Flotation machine stator is known as the flotation machine impeller cover, the guide vanes, flotation machine tapered hood and so on. The roles of flotation machine stator in the flotation process mainly are: forming negative pressure suction, adjusting the amount of pulp fed into the rotor, making the flotation machine easy to start, stabling the foam layer and so on.

The working principle of self-breathing mechanical flotation machine: the pulp-feeding tubes feed the pulp to the center of the stators and then were thrown away by centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the rotor, while a negative pressure is formed between the rotor and the stator, then the ambient air is intake by pipe automatically. Intense agitation rotor causes the pulp can be mixed with the air, and the air flow is divided into many small bubbles. Furthermore, the rear rotor will precipitate some of the bubbles from the pulp. Pulp and flotation machine stator will have a dramatic impact, therefore, flotation machine stator is susceptible to corrosion.

Flotation machine stator is commonly used metal, wear-resistant rubber and other materials. Wear rubber which has a small weight, corrosion resistance, and other characteristics, we are constantly having to replace the metallic materials stator. Among which, Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd wear rubber flotation machine stator is the most successful one because of its stators high-intensity.

Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. use the CAD, UG and other design methods to design a high-intensity flotation machine stator which leads Xinhai wear-resistant rubber material international used in the world, the service life is 1.5 to 3 times length of the conventional flotation machine stator. And, Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., is also based on concentrator scene pulp PH value and other parameters to select the appropriate wear-resistant rubber material, with a strong targeted, so to maximize the efficiency of the flotation device. If you need the flotation machine stator, Xinhai flotation machine stator is your best choice.



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