Notice of Flotation Machine Stator and Rotor

2015-11-05 Xinhai Views (1406)

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According to the working principle of flotation machine and production practices can be drawn: the stator and rotor are the most important, the most susceptible to corrosion and replaced parts of the flotation machine. So, what needs to notice when you need to choose the flotation machine stator and rotor?

Firstly, when to replace stator and rotor. In the production practice, when the flotation indicators are a failure, no matter how to adjust the other device besides the flotation machine flotation, if the indicators cannot make any improvement, you should stop the flotation machine, and check the corrosion of the stator and rotor of the flotation firstly. If the flotation machine stator and rotor are severe corrosion, you need to replace the rotor and stator immediately.

Secondly, depending on the nature of the ore material needs to be selected. Some minerals in the water rendered acidic, while some minerals are presented alkaline. So you should be clearly selected wear rubber rotor and the stator is more acid or more alkaline when choosing the wear-resistant rubber material of flotation machine stator and rotor. In addition, some ore is low hardness which is small corrosion to flotation machine stator and rotor. And generally the higher strength of the rotor-stator, the higher price, so in order to save investment in equipment, you can choose the smaller strength of stator and rotor in order to save costs.

According to the flotation machine model and specifications. Some flotation machine's rotor and stator are susceptible to be corrosion or make poor flotation effects. If you do not want to replace the flotation device, only consider replacing the flotation machine stators and rotors. However, the choice of stator and rotor, it must consider the flotation machine models and specifications to make deals.

Making comparisons of prices and parameters. Many manufacturers are now producing flotation machine stator and rotor, but there is a huge price difference in qualities. Xinhai is the one who can be trusted manufacturer.

Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. can help you choose stator and rotor material according to the respective nature of the ore, even customized services to provide customers the most suitable flotation machine stator and rotor. Their wear-resistant rubber flotation machine rotor-stator and rotor are living longer than other stators, and characterizes lower prices. It is your best choice.



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