Focus on the Flotation Tank Price-be a Smart Investor

2015-11-16 Xinhai Views (1260)

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In recent years, the mineral processing industry developed into the doldrums and many poor management concentrators have been closed down, which results in a lot of idle processing equipment. It gradual emerges the market for used equipment. The user equipment has a comparative advantage not only in price, but also saving the production time, and most of them are good quality and reliable. That greatly reduced the risks. The following contents briefly introduce the floating tank prices.

The flotation tank price is 10% -25% lower than the brand-new one. With the rapid changes in the market economy, you need investing quickly and timely to reduce costs and risks to reduce the rate of tank depreciation. It takes 2-3 months to make a brand-new flotation cell, but you can buy for a second. The flotation cells produced by the large manufacturers are quality assurance, if it is in the guaranteed service life you can buy it safely.

Flotation cells produced by Xinhai mining machinery company are large pulp cycle capacity. Part of the structures refers to the foreign flotation cell. It characters rational structure and energy saving. Of which, the Xinhai self-developed full section airlift microbubble flotation cell’s energy saving is up to 50%. The flotation tank has a good stirring ability and good gas dispersion effect, which easier mineralizes the pulp, pharmaceutical, and bubbles, significantly improving the mineral processing efficiency. Which makes the price is more expensive than the second-hand flotation cell, but in order to save the investment in equipment you can buy a one. The flotation effect is only about 5% lower than the new equipment proved by the practices.

Under the premise of good quality, the second-hand floating tank price is obviously cheaper than the brand-new one, so it’s a viable way to save investment costs. Xinhai mining celery company is committed to providing customers with advanced and practical technology, energy-efficient equipment and excellent services. They are dedicated to creating huge benefits for modern mining enterprises.



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