Purchase skills for laboratory flotation cell for sale

2015-11-16 Xinhai Views (1398)

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A test is the key point of industrial production. The mine plant design and equipment chose are based on experimental data, so the experiment accuracy is so important. Flotation cell for sale is the most widely used process, laboratory flotation cell for sale can affect the laboratory experiment indexes and the plane normal production. Follows are purchase skills for laboratory flotation cell.

Chose the laboratory flotation cell that suit variety PH. As the ore has a different PH in the water and different best flotation PH, so the laboratory flotation cell should suit all kinds of PH.

Laboratory flotation cell with a big adjustment range of rotation speed and inflatable amount. Some ore needs big inflatable amount to increase oxygen, and other ores need less oxygen. The agitation intensity and inflatable amount could affect the oxygen content. So we should choose the laboratory floatation cell with a big adjustment range of rotation speed and inflatable amount. 

Suitable model laboratory flotation cell. Laboratory flotation cell model is related with its flotation special indexes, and the flotation model is related to the mine capacity. In order to get closer flotation indexes, we need chose the laboratory flotation cell with big specifications.

Chose laboratory flotation cell manufacturers with high reputation. There are many laboratory flotation cell manufacturers but not every manufacturer has the best quality. So we should choose the manufacturer with a high reputation as Shandong Xinhai Mining Technology and Equipment Inc. 

Xinhai laboratory flotation cell can suit variety PH, and it also has complete models and big adjustment range of rotation speed and inflatable amount. Xinhai is the world famous brand and its laboratory flotation cell has the reliable quality.



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