Principle of Wet Ball Mill

2016-02-22 Xinhai Views (1163)

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Wet ball mill includes grid wet ball mill and overflow ball mill, and the feeding materials are ore or slurry that is high water content. The working process is raw material is transported into the cylinder by hollow journal. With certain speed rotation of cylinder, the grinding medium-different specification of steel balls rotates. The stress includes gravity, centrifugal force and frictional force. When steel balls rise to certain height, and the gravity is bigger than centrifugal force, steel balls would fall down and are divorced from the cylinder. Since the gravitational potential energy is transformed into kinetic energy, steel balls collide with ore at certain final speed and crush the ore by impacts. At the same time, during the process of steel balls rotation, there is also a grinding effect because of the sliding and dislocation motion among steel balls. Due to the continuously feeding materials, the pressure pushes materials to the outlet and the grinded materials are discharged from the cylinder outlet. Qualified materials flow from the cylinder outlet.

In the ball mill, the height of grinding medium and its trajectories are related to cylinder speed, the quantity of medium and the type of liner. Normally, the motion state of medium can be classified into three kinds according to the speed of cylinder, which is increasing from low to high: draining down state, throwing down state and centrifugal state. Materials are crushed due to the dislocation motion. Rod mill and tube mill usually work at this state. All kinds of mining machine produced by Xin Hai include detailed instructions, and professionals in Xinhai will guide workers of operation rules on the process of installment and debugging. Xin Hai provides you with the best service. What you need is what Xin Hai can provide.



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