The Structure of Grid Ball Mill

2016-03-07 Xinhai Views (1218)

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At present, the most widely used ball mill in the world contains grid ball mill and overflow ball mill. With characteristics of high productivity, high grinding efficiency and not easy to over grinding, grid ball mill is widely used in grinding operation. Grid ball mill consists of the shell, feeding device, discharge device, drive system, lubrication system.

The shell of grid ball mill: the shell is a hollow cylinder, usually rolled with an 18 to 36mm thick steel plate. There is flange welded on both ends of the shell and the two end covers bolted to connect the flange plate. Wearing liner is usually bolted inside the shell and magnetic liner depends on magnetic adsorption inside the shell. Most of the lining material is high manganese steel but also use rubber or composite materials plate.

 The feeding part of grid ball mill: this part is composed of an end cover, trunnion, feeder and so on. Within the end cover covered by a fan-shaped plate, the outside is welded with the trunnion, the inner sleeve of the trunnion with a screw blade which has the function of protecting the trunnion and pushing the material. The feeder is fixed at the end of the trunnion and dry grinding always uses the vibrating feeder and wet grinding to adopt combination feeder, drum feeder or worm feeder.

The discharging part of grid ball mill: the discharging part is composed of a grid plate, end cover, trunnion and so on. The grid plate is arranged between the end cover and the shell and it will be isolating ball and coarse particles in the cylinder body finely ground particles discharge from the apertures of the grid plate. Discharge end cover is divided into several fan-shaped chambers by the radial rod and there are dustpan type lining boards in the chamber that bolted on the end cover. The side that toward the shell is covered with a grid plate.

The drive system of grid ball mill: the driveway of the mill is the center and the edge drive. Center drive refers to the main reducer directly coupling with the mill spindle connection. Edge transmission refers to the main reducer drives large gear ring installed in the shell through the small gear, so as to realize the rotation of the shell. At present, the application of edge transmission is more.

The lubrication system of grid ball mill: the trunnions in ball mill shell two sides are respectively supported on the two main bearings. As the load of the main bearing is very large, so that generally use the rare circulation lubrication system, and laboratory small mill can use solid lubrication.

The structure of grid ball mill is directly related to the grinding effect, so the choice of the structure of the grid type ball mill has an important role in the production. Xinhai company produces various specifications of the grid type ball mill which have reasonable structure. More than 500 dressing plants select Xinhai mining company’s grid ball mill and mill’s quality is trustworthy.



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