Working Principle of Steel Slag Ball Mill

2016-03-30 Xinhai Views (1381)

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As its name suggests, steel slag ball mill is specifically used to grind steel slag. Steel slag is impurities with high steel content, which is produced in the final operation of smelting plants. It is still worth much to recycle because of its much remaining steel. However, the existing ways of steel slag are a little complex. Steel slag contains a lot of elements like silicon, calcium and so on, usually appearing in the form of flake, plate and bulk, all of which make itself hard to be recycled. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt steel slag ball mill for its grinding work. Steel slag ball mill has the same working principle as other common ball mills. The crushed steel slag is continuously fed into the grinding ore bin and then transmitted to the ball mill’s working area, the shell. The rotation of the shell caused by electric motor and gearing will drive the grinding media inside to revolve and drop, thus impacting and grinding the steel slag. After being dropped and ground constantly, the steel slag meeting the grinding target will be transmitted to the outlet end along with the slurry and be discharged totally.

Inside the shell, given the property of the feeding material, high steel content, high fragility and high hardness, so more attention should be attached when choosing the mill’s medium. It’s advisable to choose some medium with high hardness like chrome steel ball. And when determining the steel ball matching, big-sized steel balls should come first, for they can crush and grind the coarse-grained steel slag more effectively. Yantai Xinhai Mineral Machinery Co., Ltd manages various ball mills and their corresponding parts, steel slag ball mills included. It engages in providing mining machines and mineral processing services of high quality. The good grinding outcomes of steel slag ball mills exactly demonstrate that. What’s more, Xinhai is one of the most excellent manufacturers of mining machinery. It has put customer’s satisfaction as its first priority as well as a target.



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