Introduction of Rod Mill Machine- -Part Two

2016-04-01 Xinhai Views (1380)

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What is more, the specific surface area of unit volume grinding media of rod mill machines are much smaller than steel ball. Therefore, rod mill machines have lower productivity than that of ball mills with same specifications and are not suitable to use as fine grinding equipment. In general, the productivity of rod mill machines is lower about 5% than overflow ball mills with the same specifications and about 15% than grid ball mills. All these working characteristics of rod mill machines make them suitable for processing some fragile materials like tungsten ore and tin ore. rod mill machines can reduce overgrinding phenomenon and improve dressing recovery percentage. Furthermore, rod mill machines can also be used as coarse grinding equipment in two-stage grinding circuits, especially, when processing sticky materials, rod mill machines often replace fine crushers to solve congestion problem of discharging end of fine crushing equipment. However, rod mill machines also have some disadvantages compared with ball mills. First, the difficulty in adding rods demands machine halt, contributing to high labor intensity. Second, short steel rods and broken rods are easy to cause disorder rods and affect normal operation. Third, it takes a lot to clear rods. rod mill machines are widely used in tungsten ore and tin ore dressing plants and rare metal ore gravity separating plants and magnetic separating plants. As first stage coarse grinding equipment, rod mill machines can handle large capacity with great grinding efficiency. rod mill machines can replace short head cone crushers as fine crushing equipment in some technological processes.

Shandong Xinhai Mining Technology & Equipment Inc., a mining group that first provides mineral processing EPC service, has finished more than 500 mining turnkey project so far. Its research team has conducted repeated inspection and optimization on its rod mill machines during the mass mining design practices. Besides, the unique super wear-resistant rubber parts made by Xinhai has perfectly solved abrasion problems of grinding equipment, which optimizes its equipment for more stable running, extends greatly their service life, reduces maintenance costs. All these factors make Xinhai obtain massive supports from its customers.

Introduction of Rod Mill Machine- -Part One



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