Rod Mill Structure and Working Principle

2016-04-08 Xinhai Views (1460)

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Rod mill is a kind of grinding equipment which uses steel rods as grinding medium. Rod mill and ball mill are roughly the same, and the main components are: cylinder, the cylinder body is arranged the manhole which can be used for maintenance and replacement of liner; the feeding part, discharging part, main bearing part, and a transmission part.

The structure working principle of rod mill and ball mill also has a certain difference: the rod mill has a longer cylinder, generally, the diameter ratio is 1.5 ~ 2, the end cover of rod mill is smooth, the curvature is small, this is mainly to prevent the chaos. During the process of the rod mill, the cylinder is driven to rotate by the drive unit, and the inner wall of the cylinder is inlaid with the non-smooth lining board, which is raised to a certain height.

Generally, in order to prevent the impact of random rods on the grinding process, the speed of the rod mill is lower than that of the ball mill of the same size. The rod mill can be crushed by the line contact between the steel bar and the material is crushed, so the coarse material between the two rods is crushed. At the same time, fine materials between steel rods in the process of ascension can flow through steel rod gap, such coarse-grained material in steel rod drop can be centralized crushed. Rod mill product particle size is even, over grinding phenomenon is little, widely used in cement clinker, selection and production of coarse grinding, quartz stone scrub and other operations. However the production efficiency of the rod mill is lower than that of the ball mill, and the range is narrow, so the demand is not large. Rod mill can be divided into overflow type, intermediate type, peripheral type, overflow type rod mill is the main industrial grinding equipment.

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