Energy Saving of Ball Mill Grinder

2016-06-06 Xinhai Views (1538)

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Mining is the large power consumption, according to energy statistics, ferrous metallurgy mine is 4% to 5% of the total energy consumption of iron and steel enterprises, mine energy consumption accounts for about 70% of total energy consumption, and energy consumption of the ore mill accounts for 50% to 60% of the processing plant energy consumption. With the development of ore mining, in the future, we will major face with low-grade, fine-grained mineral, which means that mill plant needs to carry out more grinding operations, and the energy saving becomes an effective way to reduce down costs.

Generally speaking, there are two ways to reduce grinding costs. One is to simplify the grinding process, such as using SABC semi autogenously grinding processes, which may can omit in the waves, crushing, screening equipment and the construction of the respective plant, in order to achieve lower costs purpose, but in the principle of more crushing less grinding, it cannot save energy. Another way is to reduce costs by reducing the grinding energy consumption. There are many ways to reduce ore mill consumption, such as follow the principle of more crushing less grinding which is advocated, the use of high-pressure roller mill or ultra-crushing ore crusher to reduce the mill feed size, thereby reducing the energy consumption. At the same time, in the process of grinding, we can add electrolyte to the ball mill grinder, and the electrolyte can form an adsorption layer on the surface of the ore to reduce free energy, thus reducing the hardness of the ore. Aimed to reduce ball mill grinder consumption is that we can optimize the structure of the ball mill grinder, such as using the rubber lining plate in the ball mill grinder, its density is only 1/6 of the steel, which greatly reduces the weight of ht ball mill grinder barrel, lower ball mill grinder load, thus reducing the energy consumption of ball mill grinder. Another way is to optimize the ball mill grinder, such as using double row spherical roller bearings instead of plain bearings in the ball mill grinder, which is easy to start and greatly reduce friction. It can save 20% to 30% of the energy.

Ball mill grinder has a long history, in the next period, the reliable performance of ball mill grinder is still the main grinding equipment, and thus reducing energy consumption is a way to bring economic benefits for the enterprise.



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