What’s the Role of Flotation Froth in the Flotation Process?

2017-11-28 Xinhai Views (1372)

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The theoretical basis of flotation cell is approximately same, namely the separation process is realized by flotation froth in the pulp according to the physical and chemical properties of mineral particles. In the flotation process, there is one thing that plays a very important role in the whole process——flotation froth. So what's the role of flotation froth in the flotation process?

Motor triangular belt drives the impeller to rotate, and the centrifugal effect forms the negative pressure, then the flotation froth is formed under the impeller centrifugal force. The main purpose of flotation froth is to gather hydrophilic minerals, improve mineral processing precision and decrease the difficulty of mineral processing. For example, copper, lead processing are much easier to achieve high-quality and high efficient separation.

Froth plays a very important role in the flotation process. Because of these froth, ore grain or mineral powder can adhere to the sticky froth, then froth carry these particles out of the pulp, then reach washing surfaces to remove mineral grains, thus achieve flotation process and obtain the concentrate.


Mineral particles in the pulp connect with froth directly. The ore particle with good floatability will adhere to froth selectively and be carried up to mineralized froth layer (includes gas-liquid - solid three phase), then ore particle will be scraped or overflow from pulp surface, then sent to dewatering and drying. Those gangue mineral particles that cannot float will be discharged as tailings from the bottom of flotation tank.

Flotation reagent is also an essential item in the flotation process. The purpose of reagent is to strengthen the stability of mineralized froth in the flotation process, allow air dispersion and froth formation independently, increase the hydrophobicity of natural mineral surface and increase the separability of hydrophilic and hydrophobic particles. Different flotation reagents are certainly used in different minerals. Only the most appropriate reagent can maximally improve the recovery rate, reduce mineral processing cost and gain maximum benefit.


Besides, good flotation cell plays a critical role in the flotation process. Based on 20 years of experience in the mineral processing industry, Xinhai has been committed to the development and innovation of flotation process, aiming at providing professional flotation process equipment and comprehensive service. Finally, Xinahi flotation cells have more refining froth, better adhesion effect, and obtain the best separation effect with the minimum of mineral processing cost.



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