Xinhai New SF Type Flotation Cell Arrived!

2018-07-24 Xinhai Views (1527)

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SF flotation cell is a kind of mechanical flotation machine, which belongs to the self-suction flotation machine and the air is absorbed from the mechanical agitation device of the flotation cell.

Nowadays, flotation machine occupies a large part of the mechanical equipment market. So the enterprise should not only compete on the price, but also develop innovative new equipment and improve the overall performance with the trend of automation, high-efficiency and energy-saving.

Xinhai has dedicated to developing flotation machine for more than 20 years, who can provide a reasonable price, and develop high value-added flotation machine according to customer needs.

flotation cell

Detail design, the actuator of flotation cell

In order to complete the flotation process efficiently, realize energy saving and consumption reduction, Xinhai has made a lot of designs in details.

1. Increase the gap between the impeller and cover plate to decrease the friction between impeller, cover plate and other components, reduce the influence of the flotation machine air inflow, which not only improves the air inflow, but also reduces the energy consumption and noise.

2. The leaning-forward design makes the flotation machine without dead-ends, accelerates the movement speed of the foam and improves the flotation efficiency effectively.

3. Leaning-backward double-sided impeller design realizes the double circulation in the slurry. In the practice, the pulp in the upper and lower impeller chamber is thrown by centrifugal force as the impeller rotates, which makes the impeller chamber form negative pressure, so as to achieve flotation and separation.

4. Besides, Leaning-backward double-sided impeller design makes the density of impeller liquid releases larger than the density of upper impeller three-phase mixture, so the centrifugal force is much bigger. This design not only relieves the weak speed phenomenon, then generates an additional driving force on the three-phase mixture, but also increases the vacuum degree on the impeller chamber then plays a good assistant effect.

5. Special process design allows the slurry to cycle up and down in a fixed way. This design is conducive to mineral suspension.

flotation machine

Demand-driven configuration, complete customer's need

1. The impeller of SF type flotation cell can play two kinds of roles: one is to inhale sufficient air to mix with the slurry; another is to stir the slurry so that it can be fully mixed with the agent. The foams in the flotation cell will attach to the bubbles, and float to the surface of the slurry, then form mineralized foams.

2. The height of flashboard that equipped with the flotation machine can be adjusted to control liquid surface conveniently and flexibly, so that the useful froth can be scraped by loam board.

3. Wear-resistant rubber liner can be selected according to the customer's demand, its anti-corrosion and wear-resistance effect is more than twice that of other materials, so it effectively extends the service life of the flotation machine.

4. The horizontal configuration can be realized, so that the investment on forth pump can be saved.

As a mine equipment manufacturing enterprise, Xinhai has been committed to providing customers with advanced and practical flotation machine. The new type SF type flotation machine ensures high-efficiency, high-yield and low consumption at runtime whether on detail design or customer's experience. In the practical application, Xinhai SF type flotation machine has also been unanimously praised by customers.



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