How to increase the service life of slurry pump

2016-08-02 XinHai Views (1171)

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How to increase the service life of slurry pump, Xinhai?

The slurry pump consists of shell and impellers which are situated on the main shaft and constitute an integral part with prime mover. Just as shows in the video, prime mover drives impellers to rotate and then impellers drive fluid to rotate, which increase the kinetic energy and potential energy for the purpose of bumping. In the processing of pumping, the shell and impellers are always contacting with slurry and suffer badly mechanical wear effect.

Differing from traditional rubber technology, Xinhai innovates a unique production technology. With liquid phase nanometer compounding and normal temperature high-frequency curing, Xinhai develops a king of wear-resistant Rudder——Wet Super Anti-abrasion Rubber.

Anti-abrasion Rubber is the key to increase the service life of slurry pump. The impeller and the casing of Xinhai Wear-Resistant Slurry Pump are lined with Xinhai high wear-resistant rubber, ensuring that the pump body is not subject to wear. In the same project, the service life of Xinhai slurry pump is 2 times longer than other metal pump life reaching the international top quality. The rubber liners wear index has reached 128%.

The advantages of slurry pump are as follows:

1. Wear – resistant rubber as slurry pump liners prolongs the service life by 2-4 times.

2. Internal rubber liners with small specific gravity can effectively improve the impeller speed. Maximum flow rate of this kind slurry pump than other slurry pump can improve the efficiency of the whole 10-20%, overall efficiency increased more than 30%.

3. Small specific gravity wet parts, convenient maintenance, low noise; reduce the number of repair personnel and the operational maintenance cost.

4. Smooth wet parts make the slurry pump operation more stable.

Xinhai wear-resistant slurry pump is suitable for processing the high abrasion slurry or the material containing solid particles. This kind of slurry pump has a wide application.

1. Metal smelting plant: the slurry pump machine can be used to convey slurry.

2. Sand plant: slurry pump works in the sand processing field, can transport and convey sand and gravel, feeding sand and water all types of classification and dewatering plants.

3. Coal preparation plant: classifying, screening and conveying heavy medium, conveying coal pulp, slurry pump is necessary equipment in this plant.

4. Ceramics and glass factory: porcelain clay and sandstone transportation, feeding hydrocyclone and effluent disposal etc.

5. Steel works: conveying slurry, rust and corrosive liquid etc.

6. Irrigation systems and dredging: silt removal in dams and river bed, sand classifying.




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