Connector and transporter in mineral processing---belt conveyer

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Belt conveyor is used to connect remote mining equipment. Ore is transported to the place it should go to by all kinds of conveyors according to different situation. The belt conveyor is the most normal equipment to do this.

Belt Conveyor

If you want belt conveyor to work efficiently, you need to know more about the machine. The first thing is its fundamental structure

Fundamental structure of TD 75 Fixed Belt Conveyer

(1)Driving: motor, high speed shaft coupling, reducer, reducer, gear coupling;

(2)Rolling:  driving drum and turnabout drum

(3)Supporting rollers: sub trough, parallel, aligning and buffer roller etc.

(4) Cleaning: spring cleaning device and the air segment sweeper

(5)Discharging: fixed type plough discharger and electric discharger

(6)Braking: belt backstop and roller brake

(7)Accessories: cover shell, material guiding slot, funnel, etc.

Belt Conveyor with High Inclination Angle and Waved Guard Side

This machine has some improvements basing on normal belt conveyor, and it is more suitable different working situation especially some places with high requirements.

1, The structure of belt conveyor with high inclination angle and waved guard side

It consists of waved guard side conveyor belt, driving device, driving drum, turnabout drum, press belt wheel, roller, belt support roller, vertical roller, flap wheel material cleaning device, tension device, frame, head funnel, head cover,  material guiding tank, middle frame, middle frame leg, etc.

2, Layout of belt conveyor with high inclination angle and waved guard side

In order to load and unload materials better, the machine adopts the "Z" - shaped layout including the upper horizontal section, lower horizontal section and inclined section. Convex arc frame connects the upper horizontal section and inclined section, and Concave arc frame connects the lower horizontal section and inclined section.



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