Biological Leaching and Selection of Copper Production Line

2016-05-19 Xinhai Views (1386)

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With the continuous copper ore mining, there is fewer and fewer high-grade copper ore, and copper ore block size is getting smaller and more complex. Ordinary flotation process seems not available for raw ore. At this time, "poor, fine, miscellaneous" copper ore dressing process - the biological leaching process was born. The following is a brief introduction of biological leaching of a copper production line.

Common microbe mineral processing technologies are heap leaching and leaching. Heap leaching means to heap mined ore and then use microbe leaching solution. Due to its production cost is low and less pollution, it has been widely used. Situ leaching is to use a chemical solvent or microbial leaching solution to inject underground mines copper and dissolve copper and other valuable metals, then collect the dissolved rich liquid. This kind of processing method is the combination of mining and mineral processing, and there is no need to ship the ore out the ground which reduces the cost of building dressing plant and eliminating plant. What’s more, it has less vegetation destruction and pollution, but this technique is not mature, and there is almost no application in today's production practice.

Zijinshan Copper Mine is a large copper factory and its copper reserves about 146 million tons. The copper grade is 0.63%, and arsenic is 0.03%. Due to the raw ore has low copper grade and high arsenic, the investment of traditional flotation of copper smelting is too large, the cost is too high, the pollution is serious and so on. From 2000 to 2004, the plant uses reasonable microbial selected copper production line and got district benefit. In addition, the Dexing Copper Mine in Jiangxi Province heap leaching plant, under the condition of more than 90% of primary chalcopyrite and containing copper waste rock grade 0.09%, effectively realized the bacterial leaching of copper extraction.

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