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As we all know, mine engineering projects have the characteristics of complex system, large investment and high risk. The high risk is reflected not only in the uncertainty of resource conditions, but also in the various risk factors existing in both the project construction and in the production and operation stage. In order to avoid various risk factors in the construction and operation of mine projects, to ensure the smooth operation of the project and to achieve the expected economic benefits, it is particularly important to do a good job in mine design! Excellent mine design can effectively reduce investment, avoid risks, and ensure the stability of the production system.

3D dressing plant

(3D dressing plant renderings)

Generally, mine design work covers three stages: project establishment, project implementation and project operation. That is, the mine design work serves the entire life cycle of the mine project!

Use the table of contents below to navigate through the guide:

01Mine project establishment stage

The main purpose of the project establishment phase of the mine project is to clarify whether the mine project can be built.

Mine project site

(Mine project site visit)

The project establishment phase of the mine project mainly includes:

① Market research: To verify market conditions for project products;

② Technical research: Initial assessment on project construction from geological resources, mining, mining machines, well construction, mineral processing, civil engineering, electric power, water supply and drainage, heating, ventilation, tailings, pipelines, automation, steel structure, technical economy and budgetary, to verify its feasibility, and generate the project proposal and feasibility study report.

02Preliminary design stage

The preliminary design stage is mainly to generate an executable plan for the feasibility study report.

According to the existing geological detailed report, the mineral processing test report and the feasibility study report, the preliminary design work is completed, and the mine design plan of mine construction is generated.

Mine design drawings

(Mine design drawings)

The design plan mainly involves: Mining, mining equipment, well construction, mineral processing, general plan, electricity, communication, civil engineering, environmental protection, water supply and drainage, tailings, safety and fire protection, investment estimation, economic benefits, etc. That is, according to the mining plan and dressing plan, rationally planning the mining and processing projects and their various corresponding public and auxiliary facilities and industrial sites, selecting mineral mining and processing equipment, accurately counting various materials, and issuing project estimates and accurate evaluation of the project's benefits. Finally, to generate "Preliminary Design." According to this document, the construction unit carries out a set of works including equipment purchasing, construction land acquisition, etc.

3D dressing plant renderings

(3D dressing plant renderings)

03Construction design stage

The construction drawing design stage is the "concretization" of the preliminary design work of the mine.

Based on the preliminary design, each production processes, production system and production support system are finalized, and graphic materials capable of guiding construction are issued.

Mine project site construction

(Mine project site construction)

In general, the construction drawings will clarify the detailed construction and implementation methods of each production system, including the development and transportation system of the open-pit mining production system; the system of lifting transportation, ventilation, drainage, and gas compression for underground mining; the grinding and separating system of the dressing plant; tailings system; heating, power supply, water supply, maintenance, and storage systems for production services.

Mining project under civil construction

(Mining project under civil construction)

04Production operation phase

Due to the long production cycle of the mine, with the extension of the mining depth, the occurrence state of the ore body and the nature of the ore will be different from the previous stages. Changes in the properties of the ore, which are often unfavorable, can cause certain fluctuations in the production indicators of the plant.

Mine Project under design

(Mine Project under design)

If it is found that the originally designed mining and production system can't fully adapt to this new change, the concentrator should correct it in time, which requires the mine design institute to adhere to the principles of minimal change, less investment, and smooth production to transform the original system.

05Other aspects

The professional mine design unit has a complete set of engineering and technical personnel, with rich mine design service experience. The all design documents issued are the crystallization of the collective wisdom of the entire mine design unit.

Therefore, a cooperating organization formed by mining equipment manufacturer and mining project construction unit which is led by mine design department or a company which can undertake the overall service (EPC+M+O) of the mine design, mining equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, etc., can greatly reduce the management tasks of the construction unit, conducive to guaranteeing quality and progress!

Mine project site picture

(Mine project site picture)

It should be noted that the mine design work is a scientific and rigorous subject, covering a series of professional techniques including geology, mining, equipment, well construction, mineral processing, civil engineering,  transportation, electrical, water supply and drainage, dust removal, HVAC, thermal engineering, automation. And the requirements for each technology are extremely strict.

When selecting a mine design unit, it is recommended to estimate from the following two points:

First is to determine whether the mine design unit has design qualifications;

second is to examine what mine design projects have been undertaken by the mine design unit and how effective they are.

mine design

Only with professional mine design technology and rich experience in mine design, can the mine design unit deliver advanced, efficient, economical and safe mine design solutions; and can the entire mine project achieve the best balance among input, cost, production index and economic benefit.



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