【Good News】Bro Pakistan Wrote to Xinhai Mining!

2019-11-25 Xinhai Views (1928)

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(Thanks letter from Pakistan client)

Recently, Xinhai Mining received the thanks letter from 1500tpd Pakistan copper processing project. In this letter, they expressed the praise to the technology skill, professionalism and duty of Xinhai Mining process commissioning team.

In this letter, it mentioned that, the process commissioning team from Xinhai Mining showed their solid professional skills and a high sense of responsibility, with a positive attitude, practical action successfully completed the entire debugging work. At the same time, the clients expressed thanks to the leader of process commissioning team especially. They praised the leader Fang with professional knowledge and dedication attitude, the whole process of close participation and guidance of plant selection project site installation and debugging work, as an important role for the successful installation and debugging plant!

This time for the Pakistan 1500tpd copper processing project, Xinhai Mining provides the one-stop customized mineral processing EPC+M+O service includes mineral processing experiment, mine design, equipment manufacturing and purchasing, packaging and delivery, installation and commission, worker training, designed capacity reached, mine management and mine operation.

The exterior figure of Pakistan 1500 copper processing plant

(The exterior figure of Pakistan 1500 copper processing plant)

During the commission of the processing plant, the process commissioning team from Xinhai Mining debugged the product line according to the basic situation, mainly on the installation and debugging problems and abnormal conditions in a timely manner. At the same time, the team members of technology commission team from Xinhai Mining did several times of training about technology, equipment operation, production and management, repairing and safety protection and so on. At the scene of the production, Xinhai Mining process commissioning team hand in hand taught factory workers how to control the production process, adjusted the equipment, electrical and automatic control according to the fluctuations on the site, and operated and maintained the equipment, electrical and automatic control. I helped customers build a technical team that is fully capable of independent work, and comprehensively improved the technical literacy and management level of factory workers.

The project photo of Pakistan 1500tpd copper processing plant

(The project photo of Pakistan 1500tpd copper processing plant)

Since June 2019, the formal commission begin, to October 2019, the commission is over, Xinhai Mining process commissioning team successfully finished the commission of equipment and processing technology in the processing plant in only three month.

At present, Pakistan 1500tpd copper processing project is in the formal production. All the equipment is normal operating and the whole production line is smoothing and stable. The technology production index is far beyond the prediction. The concentrates grade of copper is up to 20%~26%. The copper production rate is up to 3.5%~4.5%. The recovery rate is up to 90%~94%. The clients are satisfied with this index, which is the assurance of the strength of Xinhai mineral processing EPC+M+O service.

The project photo of Pakistan 1500tpd copper processing plant

(The project photo of Pakistan 1500tpd copper processing plant)

China and Pakistan are hardcore brothers and all-weather strategic partners. Now, with the promotion of the "One Belt And One Road" initiative, the relationship between the two countries has reached a higher level, which also provides good opportunities for the cooperation between the two countries in mining. In the future, Xinhai Mining will as always uphold the service idea “what you need is what we can do”, try to provide one-stop customized Mineral Processing EPC+M+O service for every client, keeping pushing the mine industry development in Pakistan and other south Asia regions. Cooperate and develop together!



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