Common Gold Processing Equipment Stocktacking

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01Gold Processing Equipment 1: Zinc Powder Displacement Device

Zinc powder displacement process includes three stages: purification of pregnant solution, deoxidation and displacement filtration. The suspended substance in the gold-bearing pregnant solution is removed by purification stage. The dissolved oxygen in the pregnant solution has an obstructive effect on the gold recovery by zinc displacement, so the oxygen in the pregnant solution must be removed to ensure the smooth progress of gold recovery. The displacement filtration stage includes zinc powder addition and displacement operation. The displacement reaction starts once the zinc powder is added into the pregnant solution. And the final displacement and filtration of gold mud are completed by the displacement device.

Therefore, zinc powder displacement device mainly includes deoxygenation tower, zinc powder feeder and displacement device.

Here are some points we should notice when operate the zinc powder displacement device:

1. Observe if the running pump is normal, and check the inlet pressure and leakage condition of the replacement and purification frame.

2. Pay attention to the air tightness of the zinc powder displacement system, which ensures that the deoxygenation can meet the technical requirements. And determine the amount of pregnant solution according to the reserves of pregnant solution and lean solution, which can reduce the fluctuation range.

3. Since the displacement operation is featured with strong continuity, it is generally not stopped, otherwise the quality of gold mud and displacement effect will be affected. If necessary, the stop cannot exceed four hours.

4. Regularly check the pulp situation of submerged pump, and start it timely when the pump tank is filled.

5. Tour inspection to prevent the lean solution from increasing; check if the solution level of pregnant solution tank and lean solution tank is up to standard; check if the water temperature and water level of circulating water tank are normal.

02Gold Processing Equipment 2: Washing Thickener

Washing thickener is the professional gold recovery equipment for the solid-liquid separation and washing of pulp after cyanidation, which has two types of two-layer and three-layer. It has advantages such as small occupied area, energy-saving and simplification of process flow. Successive discharging was applied for reducing several circling of liquid gold and early to recovery. At same the period during pulp in thickener was reduced and leaching rate was increased. The washing thickener realizes reverse washing, continuous operation, large volume and high washing efficiency. Small area, reasonable structure, low operation and maintenance cost.

The working principle of washing thickener is that: Pulp by feeding tube into the, free settling in the pulp of rake area by the pressure of scraper step into a concentrated, gradually by rake to pool center, by the row ore mouth by gravity into the next layer in the pool, water is entered into the most lower level for material washing distribution box, the bottom of spillway flow distribution box to enter the upper material for washing, the overflow of the first floor of the overflow dam discharge, after washing the bottom material is twice.

03Classic Gold Processing Project Case and Gold Processing Equipment

Tanzania 1200tpd Gold Processing Project

*Processing Flow: All-slime cyanidation gold processing technology including thickening – leaching – desorption electrolysis – tailings dry stacking.

*Equipment: Double-impeller leaching agitation tank, desorption electrolysis system, washing thickener

Malaysia 700tpd Gold Processing Project

*Processing Flow: Grinding and classifying – cyanidation and leaching – tailings dry stacking - sewage treatment

*Equipment: Wet energy-saving grid ball mill, wet energy-saving overflow ball mill, high-efficiency improved thickener, double-impeller leaching agitation tank, XPA high lifting wear-resistance rubber slurry pump, chamber filter press, XPA wear-resistance rubber slurry pump

Zimbabwe 700tpd Rock Gold Processing Project


*Processing Flow: Two close circuit grinding – gravity separation – thickening – cyanidation and leaching

*Equipment: Jig, shaking table, hydrocyclone, double-impeller leaching agitation tank, desorption electrolysis system



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