Xinhai Quality Mineral Beneficiation Plant Projects Display

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Xinhai can provide global service, guaranteed production and safe operation. In the past 25 years, Xinhai has extended to 6 continents which are more than 90 countries and regions around the world. Xinhai has undertaken all kinds of mining projects, the mineral processing site are running day and night... we constantly prove our brand and strength with high quality and efficient project results! From the following, you can get to know many quality mineral beneficiation plant projects which are undertaken by xinhai.

Bikita lithium mine processing plant in Zimbabwe

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01Zimbabwe 2 million tpa lithium mineral beneficiation plant project

Sinomine Resource acquires the Bikita lithium mine in Zimbabwe with 1.146 billion yuan. Xinhai cooperates with Sinomine Resource and signs the 2 million TPA lithium mine project in Zimbabwe to help its overseas lithium mine construction! Xinhai is responsible for the concentrator construction and operation of the whole project, and provides customized mining whole industry chain services including mineral beneficiation process research and design, complete equipment manufacturing and procurement, commissioning and delivery. The project is expected to be delivered and put into operation in June next year.

Guinea 6000tpd gold concentrator project

02Guinea 6000tpd gold mineral beneficiation plant project

In 2018, the customer initially commissioned Xinhai to provide 4000tpd gold concentrator, with a comprehensive recovery rate of about 90%. The plant is expanded to 6000tpd at the basis of original scale. The customer commissioned Xinhai to provide one-stop and customized mining service (EPC + M + O) for its 6000tpd gold concentrator, after only 8 months and achieved considerable economic benefits.

Henan 3000tpd gold concentrator project

03Henan 3000tpd gold mineral beneficiation plant project

Henan 3000tpd gold mine beneficiation plant project is a transformation project undertaken by Xinhai. Xinhai has customized complete sets of equipment in gold flotation production line for this project, mainly including ball mill, flotation cell, thickener, mixing tank and other equipment and accessories. Technical personnel improves the beneficiation equipment according to the original concentrator situation, so that it conforms to the process flow and the concentrator foundation, to ensure the stable operation of the project site.

Laos gold mineral processing plant

04Laos 2000tpd gold mineral beneficiation plant project

The customer has been taken several investigations in many company. After comparison, the customer selects Xinhai. In the plant design process, Xinhai adds new equipment and processin the original flotation concentrator, as far as possible using the existing plant, equipment and foundation. Xinhai designs the concentrator scientifically and reasonably to ensure that the whole plant process flow, new and old equipment operation is normal. The concentrator can reaches the expected recovery rate, and save the investment cost. The final gold recovery rate is 87% -95%, the customer is very satisfied with the concentrator renovation results.

Caofeidian iron ore processing plant project

05Caofeidian 3 million tpa iron mineral beneficiation plant project

The Caofeidian 3 million tpa iron ore concentrator project is a domestic large-scale industrial chain general contracting service project of Xinhai. The actual production capacity of the project is 10,000 tons per day. Customers pay attention to the advantage of "whole mining industry chain service (EPC + M + O)" of Xinhai. Based on customer trust, the project is fully responsible for Xinhai from the beneficiation test and design, equipment production and installation, on-site commissioning and delivery. The overall beneficiation site adopts automatic design to realize the construction of efficient and intelligent concentrator.

Mongolia iron ore mining and dressing plant project

06Mongolia 3500tpd iron mineral beneficiation plant project

The project in Mongolia is an acidic primary magnetite ore with low phosphorus and sulfur. The personnel of Xinhai Mine Research Institute have carried out detailed beneficiation tests to improve the recovery value and provide an ideal process. After that, the site inspection of Xinhai technicians helps customers to make the correct site selection, and the design scheme is repeatedly optimized, and the plant selection scheme is finally determined and provide one-stop mining industry chain service (EPC + M + O) for the project.

Hebei iron ore concentrate desulfurization processing plant project

07Hebei 2000TPD iron concentrate desulfurization dressing plant project

The customer contacts Xinhai for technical support. The sulfur content of the produced iron concentrate is relatively high. Therefore, the customer hopes to obtain more qualified iron concentrate products through the new process scheme. Xinhai Research Institute analyzed the test samples, and the final actual production of iron concentrate powder sulfur grade can be reduced to less than 0.15%, or even reach 0.065%, greatly exceeding the expected index of the project.

Pakistan copper concentrator project

08Pakistan 1500tpd copper mineral beneficiation plant project

The ore mineral composition in this project is relatively simple. The metal minerals are mainly chalcopyrite, pyrite, and the non-metallic minerals are mainly quartz, chlorite, etc. Xinhai develops one coarse, two sweep and two fine flotation-concentrate dehydration process, and obtains the copper concentrate with a copper grade of 20.78% and a recovery rate of 90.05%, and the project achieves a good recovery rate.

Mexico 1500tpd copper lead zinc ore processing plant project

09Mexico 1500tpd copper-lead-zinc beneficiation plant project 

The 1500tpd copper-lead-zinc mine concentrator project in Mexico is a copper-lead-zinc, gold and silver polymetallic mine concentrator project undertaken by Xinhai. We are responsible for ore beneficiation process design and research, complete equipment manufacturing and procurement, commissioning and delivery to the mine management and operation. According to the nature of the ore, Xinhai has formulated the priority flotation process for the project, and obtained the high-grade concentrate with good quality.

Tibet 1500tpd lead and zinc tailings dry stacking concentrator project

010Tibet 1500tpd lead-zinc tailings dry stacking plant project

The customer believes the "mining whole industry chain service (EPC + M + O)" mode has more competitive advantages. After the project treatment, the tailings concentration is 80%, the backwater rate is 92%, and the water content of the tailings is less than 20% after treatment. Finally, Xinhai "one-stop" service fundamentally ensures the win-win situation of beneficiation benefits and economic benefits, and effectively controls the overall progress, cost and quality of the project.

Your need is exactly what we can do! Xinhai has been based on customer needs, constantly specializes in research technology, products production, to provide "mining whole industry chain services (EPC + M + O)". In the future, we will continue to forge ahead, and reward our customers with our brand and quality to ensure that the whole construction of the selection plant project is carefree.



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