Alluvial Gold Processing Machine

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Alluvial gold processing will be needed in the process of alluvial shaped when the primary gold exposed in the air and reacted with water and atmosphere which will process gold ore into size and fine. These gold fine, moved by out force, concentrated in the hillside and river bank. When these settings are enough to explore, alluvial gold ore are formed. Alluvial gold processing includes gold preparing processing stage, which will need gold mining equipment and machines, and gold mining stage. Xinhai will use all kinds of alluvial gold processing machine, since Xinhai is a famous gold mining equipment and machines supplier and manufacture, and producing high-quality gold concentrate machine to process gold.

In preparing stage when processing gold ore, a bigger gold ore mud group are crushed to prevent losing of gold process in the classifying stage. Rough gold ore containing gold particle coule crushed too to prevent gold particle coming into the tailings. Rough ore particles without gold ore are processed to short the following steps. gold mining process of preparing work is done in the trammel mesh or horizontal mesh, desliming and thinking ore particle. There are some commonly used alluvial gold ore mining process machines: circular vibrating mesh, self-centering vibrating mesh, mineral single monopodium vibrating mesh, DZS straight vibrating mesh and so on.

gold mining equipment and gold mining machines supplier-Xinhai will apply the gold processing stage of gold concentration after preparing stage according to different proportion of different ore. Alluvial gold mining process machines include jig, shaker, chute, amalgamation cylinder and gold mining equipment and gold mining machines: magnetic machine. Usually, big-scale fixed chute is used to separate gold concentration, then gold pan and small fixed chute are used to recover alluvial gold. In order to increase gold mining recovery grade, gold processing machines such as jig and shaking table could be used to replace the gold mining equipment and gold processing machines: chute and pan in the gold processing rougher concentration, which will increase the gold mining recovery grade.

Xinhai is a reliable gold mining equipment,gold mining machines,and gold concentrate machine,alluvial gold processing machine manufacture. China will be your best partner when you processing gold.



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