【Case】Hunan 800TPD Quartz Processing Plant Project

2022-12-05 Xinhai Views (913)

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With the development of the photovoltaic industry, the supply of quartz sand raw materials has gradually become the focus of the industry. Recently, the Hunan 800TPD quartz processing plant project undertaken by Xinhai Mining was officially put into operation. On-site installation and commissioning, providing "one-stop" service. In the processing process, Xinhai Mining adheres to the service concept of customer demand first, and builds an energy-saving and efficient processing project with professional technology and perfection!

At present, the project is running stably, and the economic indicators and benefits of the dressing plant have reached the ideal target of the customer. The customer sent a "letter of thanks" to Xinhai Mining, in which he expressed his meticulous and dedicated attitude towards Xinhai Mining's technical engineers' supervision work. He expressed his praise for his high sense of responsibility and sincerely hopes that in the future cooperation between the two parties, we will cooperate closely and create greater glories!

quartz processing plant installation

Use the table of contents below to navigate through the guide:

01Project Overview

Ore Type: Quartz Sand

Capacity: 800tpd

Process plan: grinding-gravity separation process plan

Main equipment: ball mill, slurry pump, hindered settler, hydrocyclone, dewatering screen, etc.

02Xinhai solution

Grinding and gravity separation process:

Forklift loading-belt conveyor feeding-ball mill grinding-slurry pump transportation-a settling process of blocked settler. The raw ore is transported by the belt to the ball mill for grinding, and the ground product flows into the pump box, and is pumped into the first-stage blocked settler by the slurry pump, and the underflow returns to the ball mill for regrinding, and the overflow flows to the second-stage blocked settler by itself.

installation of quartz sand dressing plant

Gravity separation and classifying process:

It is a two-stage hindered settler settlement-cyclone classification-dehydration screen dehydration process. The ore slurry flows into the pump box after passing through the second-stage blocked settler, and is pumped by the slurry pump to the hydrocyclone for classification, the overflow returns to the second-stage blocked settler, and the bottom flow flows to the dehydration screen for dehydration, and the on-screen material is quartz sand The concentrate is transported to the concentrate yard by the belt conveyor, and the under-screen product is returned to the pump box. The overflow of the second-stage blocked settler flows to the sedimentation tank (tailings), and the upper clear water of the sedimentation tank flows into the return tank, and is pumped into the system as system water supply.

03Project Highlights

01 Customized quartz processing plant

From mine design, equipment manufacturing and procurement, packaging and shipping, to installation and commissioning, and reaching standards and production, Xinhai Mining provides one-stop, customized dressing plant solutions as a whole contracted by Xinhai Mining. The entire dressing plant project has high construction efficiency and short construction period. Fast production.

quartz sand dressing plant installation

02Improve the process, efficiency and reduce costs

In this project, Xinhai technicians carried out corresponding technical improvements according to the actual production conditions and combined with the specific needs of customers, and designed a reasonable and efficient process plan to achieve the expected effect of the dressing plant and save investment costs.

03Project follow-up, provide technical support

During the operation of the project, Xinhai Mining technicians actively put forward reasonable suggestions according to the changes of various indicators, which were adopted, and coordinated various problems between cooperative units, so that the construction site work can be carried out smoothly and ensure the stable progress of the entire quartz processing plant project. .


With the continuous implementation of the national "carbon neutrality and carbon peak" action, the production capacity and output of the quartz sand industry are showing a continuous growth trend. As the proposer and practitioner of "Full Mining Industry Chain Service (EPC+M+O)", Xinhai Mining actively participates in the construction of quartz sand processing plant projects, and creates tailor-made mineral processing technology driven by technological innovation solutions and efficient and high-quality dressing plant project services. In the future, Xinhai Mining will continue to adhere to customer demand-oriented, provide more complete and professional modern dressing plant construction services, and help the quartz industry to achieve high-quality development!



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