Thickener manufacturers in China

2015-12-09 Xinhai Views (1519)

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At present, the China thickener manufacturers who can produce high-efficiency thickeners are Shenyang metallurgical machinery, Xinhai and so on. Xinhai group develop equipment through research by mechanical type and skilled technical personnel has been admitted by the other factories in the industry, and does perfectly in the EPC service.

Thickener is a kind of de-watering equipment, which is used to dewater concentrate and tailings. Thickener can be widely used for the treatment of coal, non-metallic separation and environment protection industries. High-efficiency thickener not only can sediment but also can high effective thicken for the filterability.

Thickener can be divided into two categories: intermittence work thickener and continuous work thickener. Settling basin thickener, concentration cone thickener and old-fashioned centrifugal thickener are all intermittence work thickener whose work theory is thickener periodically excrete enriched wok product. Continuous work thickener excretes enriched work product periodically, and cone thickener, rake thickener and centrifugal thickener are all continuous work thickener. There are many thickener civil manufacturers. Most of the factories produce small and medium-size thickeners, the Shenyang metallurgical machinery is the representative. But limited to the technology, only several manufacturers are able to produce large thickener. There will be very much developing space even though limited by technology and marketing.   Inharmoniously distribution of dressing plant and the small size of dressing plant are the main reasons that small and medium-size thickeners are fit to the need of marketing.



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