Principles of the Thickener

2015-12-11 Xinhai Views (1140)

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In the mineral processing plants, the thickener is used to increase the concentration of the minerals, which is separated by the flotation or dewatering. The principle is mainly to divide the feeding materials into parts including the solid particles of the thickening products and clear water. Generally within the scope of capability, thickener can separate the layered materials. The development of the thickener is later than other countries, but under the short supply in the mining market, some large-scale manufacturers has significant development in China. The first thickener was born in Shenyang Mining, and the thickener was made in accordance with the Soviet-style. Ten years later, China also developed thickener, which was suitable for the mineral processing plants in domestic, and met the demands of the production in that time. Until now, in our country, the mining machinery industry still use the small-scale and mid-sized models as the main products. But for some new large-scale mineral processing plants, they always imported some large-scale thickener from foreign countries, which shows that there is still huge development space in the market for large-scale equipment of mining.

Xinhai Mining Machinery Company is well-known at home and abroad. It has high prestige in the international market. Xinhai, a competitive company, with the excellent service team who can settle the difficulties in the field of installation & commissioning and after sale for the customers, produces the superior machinery products. The principle of the thickener is not very completed. In China, because the uneven distribution of the mining plants and the numerous numbers of factories, the market mainly focus on the small–scale and mid-sized thickener, which has a great limitation in the development of large-sized to some extent.



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