MB Rod Mill Animation

2016-04-28 Xinhai Views (1254)

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Rod mill specification begins with MB, which is famous for its grinding medium-steel rod. Because of lower product efficiency, narrower using range, demands of MB rod mill is less than that of ball mill. However, in some cases, rod mill is necessary. Rod mill has advantages of uniform product size, less over-grinding, which is widely used ferrous and nonferrous metals, nonmetal beneficiation plant, and chemical and building materials industry.

MB rod mill animation is similar with that of ball mill, and its main part is the cylinder, whose diameter has reasonable proportion with its length. And the cylinder rotates with the help of transmission machinery. There are unsmooth liners inside of the cylinder. And when cylinder rotates, friction between steel rods and liners raises steel rods to a certain height. Tanking advantages of impact and grinding on mineral produced by steel rods falling down, the minerals are crushed. Because it is line contact among steel rods, minerals with a big particle size between two rods are crushed first, protecting the fine particles. Besides, when steel rods are raised, the fine minerals overflow from the gap. Finally, the coarse minerals are crushed concentrate, and fine product has average particle sizes. Usually, the rubber cover is smooth, and it has smaller curvature, avoiding chaos stick. According to various discharging ways, rod mill is classified into overflow rod mill, end peripherial discharge rod mill and center peripherial discharge rod mill. Rod mill has low product efficiency, and in most cases, ball mill could take place of rod mill, but rod mill could not. Therefore, rod mill has small production. Now, the main rod mill manufactures in domestic are Xinhai, Shenye, Yizhong, Qunying, Nanzhong, and Liaozhong.

Xinhai has achieved breakthrough progress on wear resistance problem. It is the only natural rubber manufacture used in the wet environment. Its wearability is stronger than that of common rubber as much as 10 times. It is more wearable in colloid condition than that of alloy, solving the wear resistance problem efficiently.



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