Rotational Speed of Ball Milling Method

2016-05-06 Xinhai Views (1517)

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The main component of ball milling method is driven by the transmission device and electrical machine, the cylinder with grinding medium-steel balls rotates, and drives the steel balls to rotate and fall down. The materials are crushed by the falling impacts and autogenously grinding of the steel rods and ores in the cylinder. Steel balls moving the state in ball mills is related to its size, material composition, and rotational speed. If we want to analyze the moving state of steel balls in the ball mill, first, we should consider its stress: steel ball’s gravity itself, centrifugal force when doing circular motion, and friction force from the relative motion with the cylinder. The composition of three forces together determines the moving state of steel balls. The stress of steel balls is different with different positions. Therefore, steel ball’s moving state is determined by its stress. During the process of grinding, the gravity of steel ball is related to its quality. Centrifugal force is related to the rotational speed of ball mill. The higher speed is, the bigger centrifugal force is.

The higher speed of ball mill is, the bigger centrifugal force is. When it increases to the critical speed, steel ball will not fall down and do a circular motion with the cylinder. At that time, the motion of steel balls could not reach the impact effect of crushing. There is only grinding effect created by rotating. When the rotational speed is at the critical speed, the motion of steel balls could reach the best grinding effect. It is the smallest speed that contributes to a centrifugal motion of steel balls, as well as the biggest speed that prevents the centrifugal motion. Xin Hai helps you with the suitable type and specification of ball mill according to the particular case of your concentrating plant. We also have professionals to adopt the state of ball mill according to the capacity and the ore properties, contributing to the best result of grinding.



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