Introduction of Rod Mill Suppliers

2016-05-09 Xinhai Views (1457)

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Rod mill in Chinese suppliers mainly produces the wet rod mill. The wet rod mill is suitable for processing the fragile material with different kinds, like the dressing plants for the black metal ores and the nonferrous metals ore. Because the application range is limited, the rod mill production and the quantity for use is smaller than ball mill. There are about 10 specifications. The suppliers for ball mills in China are few, mainly Xinhai Mining Machinery Company.

Of course, Xinhai is second to none in the suppliers and sales of rod mill. With the increasing competition of the beneficiation industry, Xinhai has been sticking to the core of technological innovation to provide the most advanced, energy-saving and efficient beneficiation equipment for customers. It can provide the most comprehensive, considerate and detailed beneficiation whole service for customers. The excellent service is the company aim and also the key to the Xinhai success. The rod mills in Xinhai are overflow rod mill. Short-headed periphery ore discharge rod mill and central periphery ore discharge rod mill, which can meet the different needs of customers. There are many advantages of the rod mills in Xinhai. Because the curvature of one end cover for the rod mill is small, it ensures the steel bars to move regularly in the cavity in the grinding machines, which efficiently reduces the disordered steel bars situation and make the products perform well. The equipment overhauling is troublesome for many dressing plants, for the overhauling time having a direct influence on the shutting down time.

If the overhauling is simple, the time for overhauling will be short which affects the production indexes in turn. To solve the problem, Xinhai has designed the hollow shaft diameter for discharging ore in the grinding machines to be larger. On the one hand, it can make the overhauling space large and convenient for overhauling. On the other hand, the design can lower the pulp liquid level and makes the ore discharged quickly. Because of the reasonable design of the barrel and the vehicles for feeding ores and discharging ores meets the requirement, the ground particle sizes is relative even than that of the other ball mill suppliers. It can feed and discharge the ore in time. The over crushed situation is few. For the rod mill range of application, it can not only replace the short-headed cone crusher in the fine crushing but also make preparations for primary grinding in the first stage of the open circuit.



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