Copper Ore Dressing Equipment VS Other Mineral Processing Equipment

2018-02-02 Xinhai Views (1298)

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Copper ores have relatively concentrating distribution in China, most of them are large mines, but there are various types and specifications in these mines, such as porphyry copper, stratified copper, skarn copper, copper pyrites. These ore deposits have different formation causes, so surrounding rocks have different types. The surrounding rock of porphyry copper is mainly mid-acid porphyry or phyllite (sericitization, chloritization, siliconization). The metal minerals of this deposit are mainly chalcopyrite and molybdenite, followed by bornite, azurite, malachite, tetrahedrite, etc. and the main associated minerals are pyrite, molybdenite, gold, silver and so on. It is necessary to design the ore dressing process and equipment after ore mining. In this process, the price of copper ore dressing equipment is an important reference standard. For example, Jiangxi Dexing copper ore dressing project adopted three stage a closed-circuit crushing and washing process (vibrating screen and spiral classifier). This process can eventually reduce ore less than 15 mm. The equipment used here are vibrating screen, jaw crusher, cone crusher, classifier and other equipment, which you can select in Xinhai with a reasonable price.

On the basis of this, the concentration of coarse concentrates not only increased the copper grade from 10~13% to 22~24%, but also improved the recovery rate from 82~84% to 85~86 %. The copper and sulfur concentrate used thickening, filtering and two stage dewatering process, the final moisture content was about 12%. Xinhai promises to provide you with the best mineral processing equipment and the lowest price, guarantees your benefit maximization.



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