The Working Efficiency of Thickener Isn’t Good, What’s the Problem?

2018-06-12 Xinhai Views (1460)

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Thickener is mainly applied in slurry thickening, dewatering and classification in mineral processing plant. But there are many factors that affect thickening effect in the process of production, such as low thickening efficiency, too much overflow water, low underflow concentration. All these problems are associated with the design of thickener, here are as follows:

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01Relative shallow tank side design

Generally speaking, the tank side of settling tank has nothing to do with the production capacity of thickener, it mainly depends on the settlement speed and the settlement area of the tank body. But if the tank side is too shallow, the settling velocity of material will be gradually decreased with the increasing of pulp density. When a certain interface reaches the critical speed, the cross-section location will change as the material feeding and pulp properties. So it is difficult to control the thickening effect.

efficient thickener machine structure

02Unreasonable location of overflow groove

The overflow groove of some thickeners is built-in design, which is far from the top edge of tank, and easy to be covered with the wood plate. Then, the staff can't observe the situation of the overflow groove in the whole operation process, so the sediment in the groove cannot be cleaned in time, the overflow groove will be submerged gradually, then lose its overflow effect.

03Too simple sealing device

The sealing method of some thickeners often use the wood plate to cover overflow tank. But the sealing effect of this method is not good, especially in the spring and winter. Because the temperature difference between inside and outside is bigger, it is easy to produce the fog, and even the visibility is less than 1m. So, the device will be rust soon, which makes the service life of driving worm box only last half a year, the switch system can't timely alarm, and even makes the crack limit box crack.

tailings reprocessing methods

The above are some unreasonable problems in structure design of thickener. Not only thickener, but other mineral processing equipment is developed toward upsizing and high efficiency. In the process of research and development, Xinhai will consider more details, so as to effectively improve the productivity of thickener and other mineral processing equipment.



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