Feature and Working Principle of Tilted Plate Thickener

2018-10-23 Xinhai Views (1653)

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The tilted plate thickener is a common thickening equipment in solid-liquid separation operation, which mainly used in the clarification and concentration of flotation tailings. Besides, it can also be applied in the slurry separation and dehydration.

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011. Features of Tilted Plate Thickener

The main feature of Xinhai tilted plate thickener is a small area. Its unique design of the vertebral body saves a lot of space for the plant. In addition, the inner center of Xinhai tilted plate thickener is equipped with a stirring device, and the outside wall of the cone bucket zone is equipped with a vibrator, which can accelerate the thickening of the floccules and prevent the pulp congestion. What's more, its there is three to eight times processing capacity than that of traction thickener, this is why Xinhai tilted plate thickener is favored by the so many customers.


022. Working Principle of Tilted Plate Thickener

The working principle of tilted plate thickener is to make the settlement area on the available bottom area reaches the maximum by means of the parallel inclined sheet. In this way, the clarification requirements can be better matched with the dense requirements, then reduce the size and cost of the gravity settling equipment to a minimum.

Tilted plate thickener is mainly made up of two box body, the upper body contains slope 55° inclined thin plate, the lower box body contains conical or cylindrical slime bucket.

The slurry enters the thickener from one side of the upper box, then enters the gap of the inclined plate through the slot of the side of the module. The slurry clarification is finished in the inclined plate above the inlet position, so the clarifying liquid will not mix with the slurry.

An overflow channel with full length is set on the top of each set of inclined plates, and there is a nodal port on the channel, which can cause hydraulic back-pressure of the feed flow. This feed control method can ensure that the slurry uniformly enters the settlement chamber of each sheet, and reduce the slurry turbulence at the feed inlet to the maximum, so that the solid particles first settle on the inclined plate, then slide along the inclined plate to the slurry bucket for further thickening.

In order to meet the constantly developing market demand, Xinhai summarizes similar products at home and abroad, and then develops this new type of tilted plate thickener.



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