Causes and Solutions on Bearing Fracture of Spiral Classifier Machine

2022-12-16 Xinhai Views (1047)

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The spiral classifier machine is one of the important equipment in the concentrator. Once the failure occurs, it will lead to production interruption or even cause production suspension. The bearing fracture of the spiral classifier machine is one of its common faults.

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01Cause analysis of bearing fracture of spiral classifier machine

There are many reasons for the fracture of spiral classifier bearing, including excessive rotating load, small shaft wear of lower bearing bearing bearing, and misalignment of motor reducer coupling.


1. Rotating load of the spiral classifier machine is too large

The rotating load of the spiral classifier machine is closely related to the amount of materials. When the amount of material is too much or too coarse, the rotating load of the spiral classifier machine increases, and the long-term high load operation is easy to fatigue the hollow shaft of the spiral classifier machine, thus leading to distortion and fracture. At the same time, when the pulp entering the classifier machine is directly washed on the hollow shaft, the hollow shaft is easy to receive shock wear, which increases the risk of the hollow bearing fracture.

2. Lower bearing of the screw grader is worn

When the bearing shaft of the lower bearing is worn, it will cause abnormal vibration of the hollow shaft. If the situation is serious, the bearing shaft of the lower bearing will break, and the hollow shaft of the spiral classifier machine will lack fixed support, which will lead to bending fracture.


3.Spiral classifier machine motor reducer coupling is not correct

The motor reducer coupling is not straight can also be divided into horizontal shaft coupling, the size of the umbrella gear occlusion is not straight, transmission support copper tile wear serious, etc., these conditions will lead to abnormal vibration of the hollow shaft, long-term existence will affect the service life of the hollow shaft.

02Hollow shaft repair of the spiral grader

After the bearing of the screw classifier machine breaks, it should be repaired as soon as possible to avoid the loss caused by excessive parking. The repair method is as follows:


1. First lift out the broken hollow shaft, placed on the maintenance platform, the left and right sides are supported by equal height support, and the fault place is connected according to the cracks.

2. The local deformation area of the large parts, should be cut off first, in the horizontal position of the left and right hand to pull down the chain into, so that the broken line pair joint dense.

3. use the level instrument for multi-point leveling, welding and fixing, so that the welding weld full and dense.

4. After the crack welding, use the strip of the same material to reinforce the welding place.

5. Keep for 24 hours after welding and repair.

6. Check the lower bearing, small shaft, lifting rod copper nut, and replace and repair if there is wear.

7. With the level meter, percentage meter, plug gauge, the motor gearbox coupling, transmission gear shaft coupling, the size of the umbrella gear engagement clearance, axial and radial leveling correction, so that the error is within the allowable range.


03Daily maintenance of the spiral grader bearings

The bearing fracture of spiral classifier machine is inevitable, and the repair, daily maintenance operation is also essential. From the above reason analysis, we can see that the bearing fracture of the spiral grader is mostly related to the daily operation and maintenance. The following are some suggestions for the correct operation and maintenance of the spiral grader.

1. "Slow lifting"

When the spiral classifier machine is started, the one-time landing spiral part should not be too long, but should be divided into multiple times, short distances and intermittent landing, so as to avoid the sudden increase in the load of large blades, supports and axes. At the same time, the operation of the spiral part of the classifier er should be observed to avoid ore accumulation.

2. Avoid too long and abnormal parking

The spiral classifier machine is stopped suddenly and suddenly without preparation, such as high voltage line trip, emergency pressure load, ball mill and other emergency shutdown. The coarse sand in the tank of the classifier machine has not been recycled, grinding, overflow, When it is started, the spiral part of the classifier machine is loaded, and the ore in the tank should be released in time before the boot.


3. Timely wrapping, welding and protecting the wear of the classifier machine shaft

If the shaft has been broken, the wear of the classifier shaft should be wrapped, welded, repaired and protected in time. In particular, the classifier shaft part of the grouting outlet of the ball mill should be wrapped, coated or wrapped, welded and protected with thin steel pipe before fixing the large blade bracket. Then install the bracket to properly handle the position of large blades and small blades to ensure the correct spiral diameter and avoid later abrasion.

4. Carefully observe the sand return situation

We should carefully observe the sand tank of the spiral classifier machine and control the water quantity of the sand tank. In the case of large amount of sand returned and small water quantity, the ore sand of the sand tank is easy to accumulate. If it is not found and treated in time, it will cause the sand accumulation of the sand tank and increase the load of the classifier machine. At the same time, the debris left in the sand tank should be checked and cleaned up in time.


The above are the reasons and solutions for the bearing fracture of the spiral classifier machine. In the actual production, attention should be paid to the maintenance and treatment of the spiral classifier machine to avoid economic losses caused by long-term parking. You can consult professional spiral classifier machine manufacturers to maintain long-term stable operation.



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