Technical Status Management of Mineral Processing Equipment

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Mineral processing technology management also focuses on concentrate grade and metal recovery rate. The continuous improvement of the mineral processing process and the continuous improvement of the configuration of process equipment can steadily improve the concentrate grade and metal recovery rate, improve the operating level of technical personnel to ensure that the process reaches standards, thereby ensuring high-quality, high-yield and low-consumption mineral processing, and continuously improving economic benefits. Mineral processing technology management can be divided into control of the technical status of process equipment, inspection of the status of mineral processing procedures, inspection of mineral processing technology operations, inspection of mineral processing procedures and inspection of process flow, etc. The following mainly introduces the management of the technical status of mineral processing equipment, which is mainly divided into three categories: crushing technology, grinding technology and magnetic separation technology.


(Crushing technology)

Use the table of contents below to navigate through the guide:

01Crushing technology management for mineral processing

1. Coarse, medium and fine crushing equipment: Check the crushing ore discharge port of the coarse crushing equipment. When the ore discharge particle size is found to be greater than 350mm, adjust it within the process standard range in a timely manner. For medium and fine crushers, check the ore discharge port before operation and adjust it to process standards in a timely manner. The factors that affect the discharge particle size of the spring cone crusher mainly include the matching clearance of the eccentric parts of the spring cone crusher, the stability of the moving cone movement and the structural shape of the liner. Therefore, before the spring cone crusher works, these parts can be inspected to avoid affecting the discharge particle size.

2. Vibrating screen: The screen holes and screen surface of the vibrating screen need to be inspected every day. If it is found that the screen surface has broken bars or the screen holes exceed the standard range, it needs to be shut down. Therefore, in order to avoid affecting the production progress of mineral processing, more than two complete spare screening equipment need to be ensured daily.


(Grinding process technology)

02Grinding technology management for mineral processing

The grinding operation occupies a very important position in the mineral processing plant. The premise of mineral processing is to fully dissociate the useful minerals and gangue minerals individually and reduce over-crushing. This process is mainly completed by crushing and grinding. In the grinding process, the influencing factors include material properties, feed particle size and product fineness, mill structural parameters and rotation speed, grinding process and equipment operating parameters. There are many indicators during the operation, but the indicators for daily inspection are mainly filling rate, grinding concentration and sand return ratio.

1. Filling rate: Ensuring sufficient grinding media is a prerequisite for improving the efficiency of grinding equipment. However, if the filling rate is too high, it will occupy the internal space of the equipment and reduce productivity. If the filling rate is too low, effective grinding will not be achieved. Therefore, the filling rate must be reasonably controlled in daily life.

2. Grinding concentration: It has a greater impact on the efficiency of grinding technology. Grinding concentration can directly affect grinding time. If the concentration of the slurry is too high, the flow of materials in the equipment will be slow, resulting in prolonged grinding time and easy over-crushing. If the concentration of the slurry is too thin, the flow rate of the material will be accelerated and the grinding time will be shortened. However, the dense ore particles are easy to accumulate in the bottom layer of the slurry, which can easily cause over-crushing. Therefore, it is necessary to master the appropriate grinding concentration and strictly control the water consumption.


(Magnetic separation technology)

03Magnetic separation technology management for mineral processing

1. After the magnetic separator is overhauled, it needs to be inspected and accepted in accordance with the technical process standards and maintenance quality requirements. The equipment can be put into production only after the process and technical parameters of the equipment meet the standards.

2. It is necessary to check the magnetic declination angle, unloading gap and machine trough condition of the magnetic separator, and deal with problems that affect the technical status of the process in a timely manner.

3. The ore feeding box, flushing water pipe, and machine tank of the magnetic separator should be cleaned regularly to avoid blockage that affects the production progress.

4. If the magnetic separation is a dual-series process, when the primary magnetic separator of one series fails, stop the operation of one series to prevent two series from operating one magnetic separator at the same time.


(Ore processing production line)

The above content is a brief introduction to the management of mineral processing equipment. The timely inspection and maintenance of mineral processing equipment is to continuously improve the process technical parameters and improve the economic indicators of mineral processing technology, thereby reducing accidents during the mineral processing process and improving the production efficiency and economic benefits of the mineral processing plant. In addition to the above, there are other factors that affect the production process in actual production. Appropriate adjustments should be made according to the actual situation. Improving equipment parameters and operating technology can further improve the production efficiency of the mineral processing plant.



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