Crusher for Molybdenum

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Molybdenum is widely used in steel, mechanical, electron and aerospace for its high melting point and good solidity. Molybdenum has a low grade of raw material (often is 0.01~0.4%), while high grade is demand in melting, so crushing is necessary. Molybdenum is crucial to the molybdenum crushing. We will talk about the crusher for molybdenum in this passage.

(1)Solidity. Molybdenum consist of molybdenum mineral and gangue. Molybdenum solidity is between 1~1.5, belonging to easy-crushing ore. Gangue usually contains quartz, mica and other minerals, which are hard-crashing minerals. We should think about the different solidity of different minerals.

(2)The content of mud. We should add water to the crusher when molybdenum was crushing, in order to avoid fine particle. If there is too much mud in molybdenum, it will block the crusher. Apart from jaw crusher, cycling crusher is easy to be blocked.

Jaw Crusher for Molybdenum

(3)Different particle size. Molybdenum particle size is an important index to choose crusher. For the coarse molybdenum, we adapt cycling crusher or jaw crusher while for the molybdenum with middle particle size, cone crusher is adopted. For the fine molybdenum, high-pressure rod mill and cone crusher could be used in work.

(4)Production scale. If the product scale is big, self-grinding or semi-self-grinding could cut the cost; for the middle scale plant, crusher for molybdenum with big scale will reduce cost and easy to control; for a small plant, middle and small crusher should be used.

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