Introduction to the Sludge Thickening machine

2015-12-08 Xinhai Views (1348)

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Sludge thickening machine is commonly used concentrators thickening equipment and tailings dewatering equipment. It is widely used in coal, ferrous metal ore, non-ferrous metal ore, sewage treatment and other solids slurry concentrate and purifies.

From 1954 our country began to imitate the original Soviet-style thickener, until the mid-1960s, we finally finished the concentrator sequence which almost meets the needs of the domestic small and medium beneficiation at that time. In the 1980s the development of thickening machine has especially rapid progress, various models, a variety of specifications, advanced technology of thickeners appeared in succession.

Circular thickening tank and rake mud scraper are the main components of the sludge thickener. Sludge thickening machine working principle is the pulp is fed from the center of thickening machine, the solid particles settle to the bottom of the pond, raked together by a rake in the central device, and discharged from the bottom. The upper clear water overflows around the pond. The using of sludge thickening machine can effectively improve the solid contents of the slurry and isolate the clear water to be reused.

According to the different transmission device, the sludge thickener can be divided into peripheral transmission sludge thickener and center transmission sludge thickener. The peripheral transmission sludge thickener can be divided into peripheral rack drive transmission sludge thickener and peripheral roller transmission sludge thickener. Because the stress force is uniform, peripheral drive sludge concentrator can be made a larger size, such as Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., peripheral rollers drive thickener diameter is 53m.

Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a famous thickener sludge manufacturer, the production of various types and specifications sludge concentrators has been widely used, and has been unanimously approved at home and abroad. It is your best choice.



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