How does the sludge discharge from the sludge thickener?

2015-12-05 Xinhai Views (1149)

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The mixer is one of the important equipment to concentrate sludge thickener. The principle of sludge enrichment mixer is the motor drives the rake scraper to do the circular motion and hence move to the concentrated sludge to center or external part, which makes the concentrated sludge leave the separation space. In the big enrichment pool, due to the cone type design of the bottom, the sludge concentration mixer only need to provide a smaller driving force, the settled sludge can be moved downward until discharged. Because the mud mixture is fed into the enrichment pool continuously, after the bottom silt is discharged, the upper clear water will be overflowed constantly because of gravity. Mixing mainly drives the bottom silt, but it has no effect on the upper clear water.

Sludge thickening mixer consists of several parts: motor, power transmission device (It can be divided into two kinds center transmission and peripheral transmission, respectively including the center gear plate, frame body, and orbit, frame body) and rake clay tablets which are at the bottom for mud-scraping works. Sludge thickening mixer is the only energy consumption machine, and it is necessary to design its position and height to make sure the silt won’t accumulate too much too thick. If the silt accumulated too much the scraping clay tablets will not work normally, and if you can’t discharge the bottom sludge as soon as possible, the thickening pool will lose its usefulness. Xinhai mining machinery is a large multinational company in China, who runs kinds of mining equipment with good qualities. They can provide customers with a complete team for installation, debugging, operation and guiding to make sure the customers get the best equipment and services.



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