Model Selection of High-efficiency Thickeners

2015-12-22 Xinhai Views (1133)

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High-efficiency thickeners have obvious merits, such as high sedimentation efficiency and small sedimentation area, which makes it a wide application in concentrate dewatering and tailing thickening. According to different chemical composition, size composition of materials and different mineral processing operation, there is always different pulp density at different stages during the dressing process. Therefore, it is necessary to change the pulp density frequently.

Proper model selection of high-efficiency thickeners is the key to achieve the expected target and enhance the economic benefits of dressing plants. In general, dressing plants will make a model selection in accordance with capacity and plants conditions in actual operation. However, if conditions permit, it is advisable to adopt big-scale thickeners, because foreign statistical data suggests that big-scale thickeners can save 25% of reinforced concrete as well as 50% of capital expenditure. Taking different driving methods into consideration, high-efficiency thickeners can be divided as peripheral transmission thickeners and center transmission thickeners.

Peripheral Transmission Thickeners

Peripheral Transmission Thickeners with steel truss bearings combined with harrow frame as a whole have good rigidity and great intensity. However, the truss, higher than the liquid level during operation, has an agitation effect on the supernatant water when rotating with bearing as a center, which goes against the sedimentation of fine materials. But when the harrow frames of peripheral transmission thickeners are designed as cantilever structure, the thickeners have less strict requirements to peripheral track and less agitation effect on the supernatant water, thus showing excellent overflow performance.

Center Transmission Thickeners

Center transmission thickeners with central axis bearings and hydrostatic bearings have small friction resistance and efficient driving torque with high speed. Center transmission thickeners with precise ball bearings can prevent rake arm and actuating device from being damaged in case of excessive load, which is very common in small-scale thickeners used for iron ore and copper ore.

Inclined plates can be added into high-efficiency thickeners, increasing both sedimentation area and settling efficiency. Added flocculants, feeding materials will enter into sedimentation area to finish concentration after agitation. When it comes to the model selection of high-efficiency thickeners, overseas manufacturers will make calculation and recommendation to their customers according to supplied information, while in China, users will choose the model with design institutes.



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