Brief Introduction of Efficient Improved Thickener Effects

2015-12-22 Xinhai Views (1200)

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Traditional thickeners have low filtration efficiency, large filtration area, high solid content in overflows and other disadvantages, which result in the increase of thickeners sedimentation area, thus the increase of the whole dressing plants area as well as the capital construction costs. However, an efficiently improved thickener can achieve larger sedimentation area within limited spaces, not only enhancing sedimentation area but meanwhile reducing equipment occupied area. It is because of these obvious efficient improved thickener effects that high-efficiency thickeners have wide application in slime treatment, slag treatment and wastewater treatment in varied industries, like metallurgy, mining, and chemical industries.

Different from conventional thickening equipment, efficiently improved thickener effects are far more than simple materials settlement, but novel solid-liquid separation function which combines materials settlement and filtration of mud layer together as a whole. After eliminating a large amount of gas inside by guttering device, the slurry is transmitted into the mixed equipment where slurry and moderate flocculants form good flocculent structure via efficiently improved thickener feed pipes. In the end, the slurry spreads from the tank base to the peripheral area and then enters the preformed settled sludge layer. Slurry clusters of complete flocculation will be trapped when getting by sludge layer, while those particles without enough flocculation will keep their flocculation with flocculation masses to become bigger. And the clean water goes on rising across settled sludge layer which plays an important role of filtration.

The addition of inclined plate into efficient improved thickener has varied advantages. It can shorten the sedimentation distance of particles, enhance the settling efficiency and enlarge the sedimentation area. Besides, it can shorten the hydraulic radius and make up flows closer to laminar conditions, which contributes to lift the rising speed of flow. Through the above analysis, we learn that compared with normal thickeners, efficiently improved thickener have more obvious advantages, thus will become constantly popularized in the future.



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