How much does a gravity thickener cost?

2016-03-18 Xinhai Views (1285)

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Xinhai mining machinery Co., Ltd was established in 1993, in the more than 20 years development, Xinhai has always committed to providing the most professional, most perfect, most high-efficiency equipment and solutions. Nowadays, with the market demanding to change, gravity thickener price also fluctuated. Different thickener specifications have a different price. The follows are the brief introduction of the price law.

Firstly, we should clear that gravity thickener r price is not static, it is related to the domestic marketing demand. When the market demanding increases, the price will increase as well, if it does not, the price will also be decreased. This is the well-known price low. When a customer chose thickener, the most valuable reference price is not the price in the website, they always consult in the trusted thickener manufacturer official website.

Secondly, with the development of technology, thickening equipment developed forward high-efficiency, and automatic. Xinhai mining machinery research and develop varieties and complete specification thickeners independently, and the hydraulic pressure center transmission thickener inner diameter reach 100m, up to now, it is the domestic largest inner diameter thickener. Xinhai set the automatic device in high-efficiency thickener, it makes the operation easier and improve the capacity. So, after so much technology updating, the thickener price will be higher than ordinary thickener, but, the economic benefit would be higher than ordinary thickener.

What we should know is that different specification thickener has different price, for example, gravity thickener with big inner diameter and capacity would have higher price than the thickener with small inner diameter and capacity. Customers can do the reasonable choice based on their own need, Xinhai mining machinery will provide our dedicated service for you!



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