Price of Large Slag Ball Mill

2016-03-22 Xinhai Views (1244)

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Steel slag is a kind of ore slag of lower iron content that produced after smelting the iron concentration. The recovery rate relies on the content of iron. Water quenching steel slag of blast furnace has a large output of Bulky, agglomerate or flake shape which is hard to directly utilization, thus the steel slag should be crushed and ground to recovery and further utilization. The large slag ball mill can be used to grind the steel slag for recovery and utilization efficiency. Large-scale equipment has now become a basis of large mining plants in China and a trend of the mining plant development, which equipped with an advanced control system to realize the large-scale and intelligence of the modern mines.

Large slag ball mill has large capacity and specifications, which is similar to the structure of the normal ball mill. Cylinder, liner, feeder, discharger, hollow shaft, bearing, gear and lubrication device composing the whole equipment, due to the hardness , high brightness, and large grinding particle size of steel slag, some parameters should be adjustment when using slag ball mill, for instance the size and proportion of the grinding medium, amount of the feeding and the fill rate. The price of the slag ball mill is directly contacted with the specification of the ball mill, the large slag ball mill has a higher price, the smaller the slag ball mill, the lower the price. While the large slag ball mill can sharply reduce the cost of grinding. Xinhai engages in all kinds of ball mill, providing the lowest price of the mineral processing flow and the most economical as well as the most consistent mineral equipment.



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