Do You Know the Equipment Applied in Quartz Sand Processing line?

2017-12-21 Xinhai Views (1428)

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Quartz sand is quartz particles processed by crushing machines. Quartz stone is a kind of non-metallic minerals, which is silicate minerals with the features of hard, wear-resistant and stable chemical properties. The main purpose of quartz sand is used in the production of glass, foundry, ceramics and refractories, smelting ferrosilicon corresponding expansion of the product. Equipment applied in Quartz sand production line includes grinding equipment, classifying equipment, filtration equipment, drying equipment and separator equipment.

Because of the hardness of quartz sand, it is quite important in the choice of grinding equipment. Selection principles are as follows: As a grinding equipment, ball mill’s grinding capacity will directly determine the ability to achieve large-scale production. During the production of Quartz sand production line, we would apply high-pass fine ball mill, which must meet certain the influence factors, like aspect ratio, reasonable requirements within the mill structure, proportion liner grinding media and so on.

A powder mill rate is an important factor for classifying, which must meet a certain percentage and then ensure the high-grade production. The most obvious factors that affect the rate of pulverized is the aspect ratio, grinding media grading, and media filling rate. They should also solve the problem of paste grinding and over grind.

For the production of quartz sand, we generally select the aspect ratio of 3-4 ball mill, while grinding media would be applied to 4-5 kinds of different specifications. The media filling rate can be adjusted to 28-35%.

In order to ensure the purity of the grinding process, ball mill liners and grinding media inside cannot use metal. Quartz material or aluminum oxide ceramic material is applied, which achieves good results. Xinhai business scope includes most of the quartz sand production equipment, and Xinhai impresses customers with high-quality equipment, high-quality service.



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